Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Beaded Bracelets

 I did a little quilting detour again. I think I'm loving my little detours. I have completed four beaded bracelets. I have enjoyed the process too. I have almost depleted  my beading stash. I won't replenished it. I'm trying to downsize my craft stash😊.  

Small brown beads with spacers and a JOY charm
Large Navy beads with a INSPIRE charm

Turquoise Cross with small brown beads and a FAITH charm
The cross bracelet clasp has the reading "You are my Sunshine". I believe the Lord Jesus Christ is my everyday sunshine. I added the "Faith" charm to represent my faith in God.

The Ivory type elephants bracelet clasp has the reading "Life is Good" with the "Laugh" charm. It is always good to laugh. No matter how bad your day is.

Ivory type elephants with small metal beads and a LAUGH charm
I will enjoy wearing my new bracelets. Knowing each one expresses me!

Over the years I have knitted, crotchet-ed, cross stitched, stenciled, greeting cards, embroidery, jewelry, and many other crafts. These are just a few things I need to downsize. Sewing has always been a passion for me. It bring me joy. Though I left the fashion industry to pursue Computer Engineering, I knew I would return to the  fabric world. And in doing so, I found my way into the quilting world. I just love it. I know I take little detours. But it helps my thinking process when I'm designing.

Remember the UFO I wrote about a few weeks ago. I will have pictures of my progress soon. It's coming along nicely.

Now Sew and make someone HAPPY!


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  1. your detours are lovely!! lol!!! They are each so different and just fantastic!! enjoy wearing them!!


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