Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Scrap Happy

Update on my Scrap Happy quilt. I'm almost finish. I just need to square up three more row to sew together.

There have been challenges in my life these last 13 months. Between 3 family and 4 friends death, summer visitors  (which I enjoyed emeancely) and illness, I  lost a lot of quilting time. Being away from sewing is a challenge  in itself.  I can't find things quickly. I had to pack up my studio for my guest and now I  can't find anything without hours of searching.  LOL.  This is very frustrating.

Yesterday, I was looking for my border extenders for my hoop to hand quilt the borders on my quilt. Not sure about anyone else,  but mind sometimes doesn't shut down at night. So at 2 am, I woke dh and told him I  remember.  He said what did you remember?  I remember I put the border extenders umder our bed.  LOL.  How funny is that.

Now that I on a roll. I better start back sewing before I forget things again....LOL.

Sew to make someone HAPPY


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