Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Key Fobs

These wrist key fobs are quick to make up. The hard part is selecting the fabrics. There are many tutorials on the internet. Once you make one, you will be making more for family and friends. They very addictive. Give it a try. But don't day I didn't warn you.

The hooks I used came in pair. I will use the D ring part for another project.

Sew to make someone Happy!


Friday, March 18, 2016

Jumping the Broom

Wedding Brooms has become a tradition for many African Americans. I was ask to make a wedding broom for my niece.  Knowing I have never tried my hand at making one. But my sister had entrusted me with one of the special parts of her daughter's wedding,
'The Wedding Broom'..

So, I did my research and designed a wedding broom. I couldn't post it before the wedding because my niece only task was her dress and everything else a secret. Talk about low stress. I love it.

Anyway, here is my niece's wedding broom. Not too flashy, yet elegant, I love how it came out. My biggest task in making it was...... finding a broom when Halloween is not in season....LOL,

Sew to make someone Happy!


Thursday, March 17, 2016

Ear Buds Pouch

                                                                 This is a cool and too cute project. I found the tutorial at Dog Under my Desk . She has an easy to follow how-to instructions. 
 Most of us has someone in our lives with ear bugs or wireless ear pieced. It attaches to my key ring for easy access.  Now I don't have to search around in my purse looking for it. So hop over and get busy making these little cuties. Sound like a great Easter project.....

Sew to make someone Happy!


Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Comso Garden Quilt


This is my first completed UFO of 2016.  I started this quilt in 1998.  It moved from room to room.  I finally got it out and on my work table.  I completed my Cosmo Garden Quilt on February 02, 2016. 

I used the Faux Binding technique. I will be using this on some of  my small quilts.

Cosmo Garden Back

I am pleased how the back quilting came out. I usually add my label before quilting. This time the label was added after completing the

I take a picture of my quilt to begin my  quilting process. I make several copies as needed to audition quilting designs. Doing this also familiarize the brain before I quilting on the quilt.

Though I completed my quilt last month, I'm trying to catch up on my posting. 

Sew to make someone Happy!