Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Cable Cozy

Earlier this year I made myself a Cable Cozy. It has lots of room for all my tech toy cords (Of course I have more than what the picture shows)

The zipper pouch holds all my plugs. This cable cozy is awesome!

My closure is a little different than the designer. Only because I miss read in a hurry. (rushing to leave town.)

I found the pattern on Live it, Love it, Make it website. I took it on a test drive ( My Anniversary Vacation). It had all my tech cords and plugs handy. It worked out great!

The Cable Cozy is quick and easy to make. You will want to make one for each tech person in your life. So, I had to make three more (my sisters are tech people too).  I made theirs with  magnetic snap closure. I later added a flowers, yo-yo, and beads.

 I later added a flowers, yo-yos, and beads. The magnetic snaps leaves a bump and can cause wear in a short time. Besides, I think the flowers gives it a nice touch.

These are the three Cable Cozy for my sisters

This is the only picture I remember to take after adding the flowers. When I see them again, I will have to remember to take a picture.

Sew to make someone Happy!