Saturday, December 13, 2014

Labor of Love

As I mention in my last post, I have been reducing my yarn stash during my recovery period. I taught myself how to knit about 10 yrs ago. And this craft too when by the waste side as my quilting knowledge began to grow.  Away, I took out my knitting needles and began to knit. I didn’t have a lot of any one color yarn. So multicolor scarves it was. I donated these scarves to a local church. It will come in handy to someone since we are actually having a winter this year (You know sunny California, where rain is rare).

I hope these scarves will keep someone warm during our chilly nights. I am working on another scarf. I think I might make this one a selfie.

Sew to make someone HAPPY!  Or shall, I say knit to make someone HAPPY!


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