Saturday, August 30, 2014

President Barack Obama Quilt

President  Barack Obama Quilt

This week I finally completed my President Barack Obama Quilt. A few months ago, I showed sneak previews of my blocks used to design the back of this quilt. Through surgeries (my mother's and mines) and my 2 1/2 months of illness, I'm happy to say "It is FINISHED".

 The inspiration behind making this quilt was “Kanga Cloth” from Kenya (center panel). My sister gave me this Kanga Cloth to make her a quilt. Last year on our way home from our family camping trip, we stopped off at A Different Touch quilt shop in Chesapeake, VA. My sister found Clothworks “Choo Choo You” train fabric for backing. This was her settle hint for me to start her quilt, I guess. As I set off to design the quilt, I remembered I had VIP Cranston “Obama Patriotic Pillow Panel” in my stash. Now my challenge became greater. Why??? I needed to combine two totally difference color pallets. Lucky, both fabric panels were somewhat complementary on the color wheel.
President Obama Quilt Back

I like doing back art for my quilts. This way the recipient has two quilts in one. 

My Quilt Label Close-up

I started this quilt in February 2014. Having recovered from neck surgery, my mom’s surgery and my other health issues, I can finally breathe. My sister will be in town next month. She will be totally SURPRISED!

Now let's go SEWING!

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  1. Your sister is going to be so excited to see her beautiful finished quilt! What a work of art and a labor of love! The back and the front are equally gorgeous. Well done!


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