Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Dish Towel Hannah

This is the year of completing some of my UFOs. Here is one of my completed UFO. It comes with a cute story.

The story of Hannah ....

 Hannah has always popped up when I go looking for a new project to start. But I would continue to ignore her. Once again Hannah was sadden. A new project was started and she stayed as an UFO. But this year, she was determine. Hannah really wanted to be completed. I kept bumping into her. So I put her on my work table to be completed.  And yes, she was ignored again. But only for a short while. As I was cleaning my studio, Hannah looked like she just wanted to be completed. So, today I worked on Hannah and finally completed .


After 18 years, of Hannah wanting to be completed, the wait is over. She can now be displayed instead of being ignore and lonely. She can now smile. I am glad I completed Hannah. I love her and  will find her a good home. 

 I hope you enjoy my little story. 

Sew to make someone Happy,


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