Thursday, February 6, 2014

Quilting Notebook

Today I will start my "Quilting Notebook". The purpose of the Quilt Notebook is to hold all the ideas, sizes, calculations,  materials, and reference information for each project (whether UFO's or not) from start to finish. Notebook will provide a history of my quilting project and my progress as a quilter.It may contain some quilt ideas I hope to make but not enough time to do so. This is different from a journal (in which I need to start too). This will eliminate some of my paper clutter (a quilt journal is needed for my doodling) and provide me with an organized studio.

Of course I didn't come up with this idea myself. While I have been recovery from neck surgery, I stumble upon Lori Kennedy's blog, The In Box Jaunt". You can check her blog here. I have been following her since October 2013. This year, she is encouraging quilters to keep a notebook. This way a quilter will have one place to look for all their quilt information. I usually, have a list on my billboard of all my project with start and finish dates. This is not as thorought as a quilting notebook would be.

I purchased, July 2013, a software program called Quilt Album.  It allows me to store a picture and complete details of each quilt. I can print it out two different sizes (lg or sm) to have as a hard copy for binding. The program also, creates greeting cards. This is very handy when giving my quilts as gifts. But I can image you can use this program to document all you projects.

Now I must go and document my 20 UFO's in my new quilting notebook.

Happy Sewing!

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